NDT Equipment for Engineering Quality and Beyond

We offer non-destructive testing products, meticulously crafted to uphold engineering quality standards.
Stay tuned as we pave the way for the integration of surveying and mapping products into our lineup.

NDT Equipment for Engineering Quality and Beyond

We offer non-destructive testing products, meticulously crafted to uphold engineering quality standards.
Stay tuned as we pave the way for the integration of surveying and mapping products into our lineup.

Empowering NDT Excellence for Your Projects

From analyzing concrete structures’ engineering quality to fortifying main structures’ integrity, our innovative technologies ensure excellence while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.
Enhanced Accuracy
Improve your testing precision by leveraging cutting-edge technology to capture data in the field, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
Optimized Workflows
Improve your workflow and boost efficiency with software for data analysis, enabling quick and accurate interpretation of test results.
Real-Time Reporting
Save valuable time and resources by generating reports and sharing findings with your team in real-time, facilitating improved productivity.
Training Resources
Access training materials and dedicated support resources to empower your team and maximize the effectiveness of our solutions.

Pioneers in Engineering Construction NDT Equipment

Founded in 2012, LANGRY is dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions for engineering quality testing, product control, and the integration of engineering quality cloud platform management systems. Our mission is to provide customers exceptional research and development, production, and operational support.
We are committed to fostering scientific and technological innovation to establish our corporate brand and core competitiveness. With a focus on independent research and development, we continuously innovate our product technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Pioneers in Engineering Construction NDT Equipment

Project Quality Assessment

Elevate project quality assessments with early defect detection capabilities, ensuring excellence in materials and product integrity.

Material Integrity Testing

Assess the integrity of concrete, mortar, and brick materials with precision, ensuring structural reliability and safety.

Construction Project Optimization

Optimize construction projects with reliable quality assurance measures, enhancing efficiency and reducing risks.

Mechanical Properties Evaluation

Evaluate the mechanical properties of engineering structures, including drawing force testing, to guarantee performance and durability.

Addressing Structure Challenges with NDT Solutions

Uncover the pivotal role of NDT equipment in safeguarding the integrity and enhancing the performance of critical assets in engineering, architecture, and concrete structures.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of
NDT Solutions

Delve into our comprehensive range of NDT solutions tailored to meet the distinctive needs of engineering, architecture, and concrete structures industries.

Rebound Hammers

Measure concrete strength with our rebound hammers. Click to explore!

Rebar Detectors

Enhance construction safety. Discover our rebar detectors today!

Adhesion Testers

Want to assess bond strength? Explore our adhesion testers now!

Pull-out Anchor Testers

Secure your structures. Try our pull-out anchor testers for reliability!

Crack Detectors

Detect flaws early. Invest in our crack detectors today!

Testing Anvils

Discover the durability of our anvils. Test today!

Penetration Strength Testers

Measure resistance. Explore penetration strength testers now!

Ready to Take Your NDT Capabilities to the Next Level?

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LANGRY, Your Premier Destination for Advanced NDT Equipment Solutions

For over a decade, LANGRY has led the industry in designing, researching, and manufacturing NDT equipment solutions. With unparalleled OEM/ODM capabilities, our dedicated team crafts custom solutions to meet your unique needs. Backed by skilled engineers and state-of-the-art facilities, we deliver reliable products tailored to your industry requirements, ensuring satisfaction and success in every endeavor.

Our Training and Tutorial Resources

Dive into our comprehensive suite of training and tutorial resources designed to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the potential of our products.

Robust Technical and R&D Team

Ensure that your R&D software remains aligned with your scientific goals. Our solutions can be customized as needed to accommodate your team’s growth.

Formidable Manufacturing Capabilities

We ensure seamless execution from concept to creation, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision in every product we deliver.

Extensive Industry Experience

We bring invaluable insights to the table, navigating complexities adeptly and delivering tailored solutions for your requirements.

Comprehensive QC measures

We prioritize product integrity through comprehensive quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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