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hammer schmidthammer schmidt
Rebar Scanner equipmentRebar Scanner equipment
Electronic Dolly Test Pull off adhesive machineElectronic Dolly Test Pull off adhesive machine
pull out test for anchor bolts procedurepull out test for anchor bolts procedure
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  • Schmidt hammer series

    Schmidt hammer series


    Scope of application: The Schmidt hammer is suitable for non-destructive testing of the strength of components in new and existing build···
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  • Rebar scanner series

    Rebar scanner series


    Scope of Application: As one of the engineering testing and analysis methods, the rebar scanner is not only suitable for detecting the p···
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  • Adhesion testers

    Adhesion testers


    Langry adhesion testers are dedicated to the strength testing of main structures, rivets, and bonded components in engineering testing. ···
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  • Anchor pull tester

    Anchor pull tester


    Langry Anchor pull tester are suitable for strength testing of building main structures, building foundation structures, and mining tunn···
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  • Crack Detection

    Crack Detection


    Langry Crack Detection Products are widely used in building engineering, water conservancy engineering, and transportation engineering.C···
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