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Schmidt hammer series

Scope of application: The Schmidt hammer is suitable for non-destructive testing of the strength of components in new and existing buildings. It is applied to the detection of concrete, mortar, bricks, paper roll hardness and other components in construction engineering, water conservancy engineering, transportation engineering and other engineering fields. Due to the simple instrument structure and convenient method of the rebound method, and the good correlation between the test value and the specimen strength under certain conditions, it is suitable for testing the strength of components with different compressive strengths.

Product principle: The rebound method is a method of estimating the strength of a specimen by using a spring-driven heavy hammer to strike the surface of the specimen through a rebound rod and measuring the distance that the heavy hammer rebounds back. The rebound value is the ratio of the rebound distance to the initial length of the spring, which is used as an indicator of strength correlation to estimate the strength of the specimen.

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