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Anchor pull tester

Langry Anchor pull tester are suitable for strength testing of building main structures, building foundation structures, and mining tunnel structures.

The anchor bolt instruments use manual pressure application, which is transmitted to the oil cylinder for extrusion through a transmission structure, so that the testing components are subjected to force while the force value is detected in real-time by a high-precision sensor. The testing personnel judge whether the testing components meet the design requirements based on the force value displayed on the screen, or use the peak value recording function to save and record the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the testing components.

This type of instrument can be used for anchor bearing capacity testing in new construction and existing buildings, anchor bolt fixing strength testing in slope and foundation pit engineering, and reinforcement structure strength testing of anchor bolts and anchor cables in mining, tunnel, and other geological structures. By using different specifications of accessories and different models of instruments, a wide range of testing can be carried out within the range of less than 100T.

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