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Choosing the Right Rebound Hammer: A Guide to Different Types
March 27,2023

Types of rebound hammer

There are two types of rebound hammer: mechanical and digital: early spring back instruments were mechanical, and based on this, new technologies such as digital displays, and microprocessors developed into the digital spring-back instruments series.

The mechanical concrete test hammer can be divided into two types: direct firing type and pendulum type according to the hammering method.

According to the display type, there are two types: digital display and scale display. According to the impact kinetic energy, the hammer test digital is mainly divided into RH225-B types. 

Selection of instruments:

Firstly, select the testing instrument corresponding to the impact kinetic energy based on different test objects

For the testing of the strength of heavy, reinforced concrete structures, solid blocks, and bulk reinforced concrete components, such as dams, harbors, railway tunnels, mines, bridges, and aircraft runways

Strength coagulation rebound hammer apparatus

Due to its impact kinetic energy, its corresponding volume of coagulation, and the depth of inspection, the heavy-duty rebound hammer apparatus has a good degree of reliability in determining the quality of coagulation and is affected by the impact energy of particles

"The same conditions have become a significant influence factor for the RH225-A medium-sized rebound hammer apparatus. Moreover, the scale accuracy of the heavy-duty rebound hammer apparatus is also much higher than that of the medium-sized rebound instrument, so the detection error is caused."Due to the poor performance, only heavy-duty rebound meters can be selected for heavy-duty concrete structures of the type. Heavy-duty (volume) coagulation rebound instrument.

Medium size schmidt hammer type n

For strength testing of building components and bridges such as various slabs, beams, and columns, especially on-site strength monitoring, the RH225A medium-sized rebound instrument can be selected, with a detection range of (10 to 70) MPa.Due to its simple operation, low price, easy calibration, maintenance, and rapid and efficient testing, it is extremely efficient."It is welcomed by the quality inspection engineers.


Light brick rebound tester

For general light building materials, a light rebound tester can be selected. Such as the determination of the grade of sintered ordinary bricks.


Light mortar rebound hammer

For the strength detection of mortar in the joints of ordinary masonry bricks and mortar-like mortar, the ultra-light rebound instrument, namely the mortar rebound instrument, can be selected. The detection range is 2~15MPa.


In short, before testing a rebound instrument, it is essential to clearly understand whether the impact kinetic energy of the instrument is compatible with the object being tested, which is the most basic principle for selecting a rebound instrument.

Secondly, when the conditions of the economy permits, it is best to choose a digital rebound hammer, because sometimes some building structures often need to be tested at high altitudes, and it is extremely inconvenient to use mechanical rebound for some special environmental observation records. At this time, choose a smart rebound The elastic instrument shows great advantages. It can directly display digitally, print records, and automatically store, and upload data without cumbersome manual calculations. It is a good assistant for inspection engineers to detect rebound methods.



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