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Crack Detection

Langry Crack Detection Products are widely used in building engineering, water conservancy engineering, and transportation engineering.

Crack Width: The instrument consists of a tablet computer and a microscopic probe. During measurement, the microscopic probe collects crack images in real-time and transmits them wirelessly to the tablet computer. The tablet computer displays the received crack images in real-time and automatically captures the crack width value through built-in programs.

Crack Depth: By emitting ultrasonic waves and detecting their propagation time in concrete, the crack depth can be estimated. The crack depth of concrete has a linear relationship with the time required for ultrasonic waves to bypass the crack. By testing the concrete crack with multiple ranging, the relationship equation between the two can be fitted. The crack depth of concrete can be obtained based on this equation.

Langry Crack Detection Products can detect crack depth and width on concrete pavement, as well as cracks in building concrete structural components such as walls, columns, beams, slabs, and roof trusses.

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