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Adhesion testers

Langry adhesion testers are dedicated to the strength testing of main structures, rivets, and bonded components in engineering testing. The adhesion testers use micro-damage detection methods to quickly and accurately obtain information on the testing items in situ in new or existing buildings.

The adhesion testers use manual pressure application, which is converted into pull-out force through a transmission device, so that the testing components are subjected to force while the force value is detected in real-time by a high-precision sensor. The testing personnel judge whether the testing components meet the design requirements based on the force value displayed on the screen, or use the peak value recording function to save and record the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the testing components.

Langry adhesion testers can be used for compressive strength testing of concrete, adhesion strength testing of surface layers, carbon fiber bonding strength, or other bonded structural components, and anchor force testing of external wall insulation rivets. By selecting different models of instruments, different types of components can be tested, and the coverage range is wider.

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