Penetration Mortar Strength Tester SJY-800B

LANGRY Penetration Mortar Strength Tester SJY-800B is a durable and precise instrument. It features a durable design and advanced components to ensure reliable performance.
  • Simplifies operation and improves efficiency with instant energy release.

  • Provides precise strength readings using standardized curves.

  • Quickly and conveniently assesses strength without damaging components.

  • Widely used in construction and engineering testing.

Applications :

Perfect for masonry and construction, the SJY-800B tester measures mortar strength, ensuring structural integrity. Its user-friendly design and durable components provide consistent, accurate results for quality control and research.

CTN DIM: 258×258×430mm
CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm
G.W.: 20.1kg

G.W.: 3.1kg

CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm

About The Product

Uncover our Penetration Mortar Strength Tester SJY-800B in detail. Each component is meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched performance and lasting durability.
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Product Specifications Overview

Technical indicators

Penetration force


Working stroke


Digital measuring stick range

20mm + 0.01mm

Measuring nail length


Nail diameter


Gauge groove


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Product Features

  • The body adopts a lightweight design concept, making it more portable and easier to use.

  • The clip uses a six-petal design for multi-angle clamping, making it more convenient to install the test nail.

  • The innovative lever force application design simplifies the operation steps and improves work efficiency.

  • High-strength test nails and nail gauges are included, made from high-strength materials, making the test nails more durable.


  • ASTM C803 / C803M - 03(2010)

  • BS 1881-207:1992

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LANGRY Penetration Mortar Strength Tester SJY-800B is suitable for masonry mortar strength testing. The penetration method is based on the relationship between the depth of nail penetration into the mortar and the compressive strength of the mortar, using the lever force method, compressing the working spring to load, storing potential energy, and instantaneously penetrating the nail into the mortar. A field detection method that measures the penetration depth of the nail and converts the strength by combining it with the relevant strength measurement curve.

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One host of penetrometer

One Measuring nail Gauge

Measuring nail(20nails)

One Tightening wrench,One Lever

Instrument case

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Download Materials

Unlock the full potential of our NDT solutions by downloading our innovative software and instruction materials today.
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Product Specifications Overview


Measurement range


Measurement accuracy


Data storage


Power supply

Li-on rechargeable battery

Outline dimensions

Probe 50mm*50mm*160mm Tablet 245mm*165mm*15mm

Total weight

Probe 450 g Tablet 725g

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Product Features

  • Wireless connection for convenient and flexible operation.

  • Automatically captures both vertical and inclined cracks, displaying real-time crack width.

  • Allows seamless switching between multiple cracks.

  • Professional data analysis software enables seamless data transmission and analysis between the instrument and computer.

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The LR-FK202 Crack Width Detector employs wireless technology, facilitating precise detection of crack width in various structures like bridges, tunnels, and concrete pavements. Its user-friendly software, compatible with Win 9X/NT/XP/ Win10 (including 64-bit), simplifies data management for engineering testing personnel. You can effortlessly manage object information and crack width data, combining multiple files and generating comprehensive test reports automatically. You can also import data from tablets for further analysis, ensuring efficient archiving and streamlined reporting processes.

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One set of crack width gauge

Tablet PC

Instrument case