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How Is Rebar Cover Measured? ( Beginners Essentials Guide)
November 10,2022

Why do we need to check the concrete thickness testing?

Currently, many engineering inspections are carried out on a sub-item basis for reinforcement, as the final checkpoint. As one of the important quality inspection standards for engineering, the inspection of reinforcement protection layer is increasingly valued by all parties, mainly because: the engineering design and early construction are in compliance with standards, but during the process of concrete vibration and pouring, the reinforcement may shift, which will affect the engineering quality. 

The most common problem is that due to the deformation of the reinforcement, the bearing capacity, crack control performance and stiffness of the reinforcement will decrease, which will further affect the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer. When the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer is insufficient, the grip force of the concrete on the reinforcement will weaken, which will cause insufficient anchoring force and stress transfer, affecting the structural resistance. In addition, over time, secondary effects such as concrete carbonation, reinforcement corrosion acceleration, and dullness will further reduce the durability of the structure and the overall service life of the building, directly affecting the safety of the construction project. To ensure that the quality of the construction project meets the standards and regulations to the greatest extent possible, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of the reinforcement protection layer.

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2. why is it recommended to use a concrete rebar scanner for thickness detection of rebar protective layer?

Right now, there are mainly two methods for checking the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer: destructive testing and non-destructive testing.

Destructive testing is used to check the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer: it requires chiseling open the reinforcement protection layer for measurement, which has significant limitations and can cause damage to the existing reinforcement that is in use, making it difficult to restore after testing. With the continuous development of non-destructive testing equipment, this method has gradually exited the mainstream testing stage.

Non-destructive testing is used to check the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer: currently, the integrated concrete rebar scanner is widely used in engineering testing. It is a portable non-destructive testing instrument that can detect the construction quality of reinforced concrete structures without damaging the reinforcement protection layer. It can not only determine the position of the reinforcement on the surface of the concrete, but also detect the thickness of the reinforcement protection layer and the diameter of the reinforcement. It can also detect the position of magnetic and conductive materials inside the concrete structure (such as cables and plumbing inside walls), which can effectively avoid damage to these facilities during construction and reduce accidents. These advantages determine that most testing units currently use reinforcement detectors for non-destructive scientific testing of the projects to be tested.


3. why is it recommended to buy langry lr-g200 integrated rebar detector?

LR-G200 concrete rebar scanner is a product carefully developed by langrui technology. it is suitable for the detection of the position of the steel bar, the thickness of the protective layer and the diameter of the steel bar in the reinforced concrete structure, and can accurately analyze the distribution of the steel bar.

The rebar finder adopts an integrated design and is small in size. it can complete the detection of various steel bar data in reinforced concrete structures with one hand. using a 3.2-inch color touch screen, it is easy to operate, can generate three-dimensional images, intuitively display the measurement results, and the distribution of steel bars is clear at a glance.

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The instrument adopts the combined detection method of high-power transmitting coil and multiple groups of small coils, which has higher precision and stronger resolution. it also provides a variety of scanning modes such as conventional scanning, profile scanning, grid scanning, fine scanning and image scanning, which are suitable for different detection environments. support large and small range detection, the scanning distance is up to 65m, and the data detection is more flexible. at the same time, it supports usb data transmission and bluetooth data transmission, which makes data uploading easier. equipped with the latest version of langry online management software, it makes the steel bar inspection work easier and more comfortable.

As a part of the construction engineering non-destructive testing industry,langry ndt is committed to providing users with r&d, production and operation and maintenance support for engineering quality testing, control products, and engineering quality cloud platform management system integration solutions. over the years, we have always attached importance to the independent research and development and innovation of product technology, and always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation" to create a corporate brand and core competitiveness. in the future, we will continue to strictly control the quality and provide our customers with a more complete integrated solution for the main structure inspection.



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