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The Ultimate LR-G150 Rebar Scanner with Long-Lasting Battery
March 23,2023

As the requirements for fine concrete pouring construction are increasingly being paid attention to, the thickness index of the protective layer of steel bars has been formally included in the quality appraisal and testing standards. Due to the complexity of reinforced concrete structure detection and high data accuracy requirements, it is necessary to ensure that the test is performed under good test conditions, using qualified and accurate formal testing equipment, and performing compliance testing operations on the testing parts to avoid detection errors and ensure Project quality and safety standards.


product description·

LR-G150 concrete scanning tool is a portable intelligent non-destructive testing equipment, mainly used for structural testing of reinforced concrete. It can non-destructively test the thickness of the protective layer of steel bars on the surface of reinforced concrete and analyze the distribution of steel bars inside the concrete.



1. Compared with similar products equipped with the industry standard configuration of a 3800mAh battery, LANGRYNDT concrete scanning company starts from the actual needs of users and upgrades the 6400mAh ultra-large-capacity imported lithium battery and realizes the pluggable design of the battery compartment to realize the 24-hour operation of the host device. Super working endurance!

2. The host is equipped with a capacitive touch screen, the UI interface is clearly designed, and the human-computer interaction is more convenient!

3. Support the 6-point scanning mode of the regulations, and the location, spacing, and thickness of the protective layer are displayed on the same screen to meet the inspection requirements!


4. One machine with two functions, the probe can scan the corners alone, or it can be matched with the displacement trolley to measure the distance between steel bars synchronously, with dual operation modes, the environmental applicability is stronger!

5. Using a high-power solid transmitting coil, super anti-interference ability, and more accurate detection!

6. Upgrade the stirrup correction function to support two-way correction of stirrup spacing and diameter!

7. Innovative use of high-precision non-contact displacement sensors, the detection data of steel bar spacing is more accurate!

8. Strong human-computer interaction client software, which can analyze and automatically generate inspection reports, making steel inspection more intelligent!



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