Integrated Rebar Scanner LR-G200

The LR-G200 integrated rebar detector utilizes a multi-coil layout, where coils are charged with timed electrical pulses to generate a magnetic field. When conductive materials enter the magnetic field, eddy currents are induced on their surfaces, resulting in a reverse magnetic field.
  • Seamless integration for efficient rebar detection.

  • High-speed scanning for rapid assessment.

  • A user-friendly interface simplifies operation and data interpretation.

Applications :

The LANGRY Integrated Rebar Scanner LR-G200 is essential for precise and swift detection of rebars in concrete structures, optimizing construction, maintenance, and quality assurance processes with ease and accuracy.
CTN DIM: 258×258×430mm
CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm
G.W.: 20.1kg

G.W.: 3.1kg

CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm

About The Product

Uncover our integrated Rebar Scanner LR-G200 in detail. Each component is meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched performance and lasting durability.

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Product Specifications Overview

Product Name
LR-G200 Integrated Rebar Scanner
Screen size
Screen Dot Matrix
320 x 240
Size of Host Machine
235 x 120 x 130 mm
Weight of Host Machine

Scanning Mode

Quick/ Profile /
Grid / Fine / Image
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Product Features

  • Integrated design of the main unit and sensor, compact size for convenient and quick use.

  • Utilizes high-power transmitting coils and multiple sets of small coils for higher accuracy and resolution.

  • Employs high-precision grating sensors for more accurate scanning displacement and rebar spacing.

  • Provides various scanning modes suitable for different measurement environments, including a standard scanning mode for point-to-point retesting to meet testing protocol requirements.

  • Supports large and small range detection, with a scanning distance of up to 65m, offering more flexible data detection.

  • Supports multiple rebar correction modes for more accurate test results.

  • Supports both USB wired and Bluetooth wireless data transmission for convenient data uploading.

  • Equipped with a 3.2-inch 65K color LCD display with higher resolution for better display effects. It also features a capacitive touchscreen for easier human-machine interaction.


  • BS 1881, Part 204

  • DGZfP B2

  • DIN 1045

  • SIA 262-1

  • SN 505262

  • SS 78-B4

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This tool measures the voltage changes associated with this phenomenon. It is primarily used for detecting rebar positions, distribution, orientation, protective layer thickness, and rebar diameter in concrete structures.
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One set of integrated rebar scanner

Instrument case

One injection-molded vibration-proof instrument case

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Download Materials

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2 Videos
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Product Specifications Overview


Hydraulic cylinder stroke


Display mode

kN,MPa Can be set, adjustable

Measuring range




Peak hold


Data storage

More than 500

Accuracy grade




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Product Features

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The Langry Pull-off Tester LR-P10 offers comprehensive testing capabilities for various construction applications. Whether assessing the pull-off force of thermal insulation materials, bonding strength of wall insulation, or tapestry brick adhesion, this device delivers precise results. With an integrated design and customizable display options, including pressure measurement in kN or MPa, it ensures convenient operation and accurate readings. Equipped with peak hold functionality and ample data storage capacity, the LR-P10 is a reliable companion for construction professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their testing processes.
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OEM & ODM Facilities

Go beyond the ordinary with LANGRY’s comprehensive OEM and ODM services for NDT Equipment. We empower you to customize every aspect of our products, from the inside out.
  • Integrate your logo seamlessly onto the front-of-box label, nameplate, and user manual. Simply send us your logo file, and we'll handle the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is diameter-method measurement or diameter measurement low in accuracy?
The diameter estimation will have some error due to the influence of the surrounding ferromagnetic substances.
What is the difference between each model?
The depth of detection and detection mode of the instrument are different. At the same time, LR-G300 has a complex working conditions detection mode, and with synchronized display to easily complete high-altitude detection. Please refer to the manual for detailed parameters.
Is it possible to check cables, wires, etc.?
Within a certain depth, the instrument can determine whether there are cables and wires.
What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for a product?
Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is deliberately set at a low level to provide accessibility and flexibility in your purchasing experience. This allows you to procure the quantity that best suits your needs without overcommitting to large volumes. We aim to empower our customers with the freedom to order according to their specific requirements and preferences.
How long is the lead time for delivery?
Our lead time for delivery ranges from 7 to 15 days. We prioritize quick and efficient service to ensure your order reaches you promptly. Rest assured, our logistics team works diligently to expedite the delivery process while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. Contact us for any specific delivery inquiries or urgent requirements.
What makes LANGRY's products competitive?
Our products excel due to their competitive pricing, superior quality, and direct factory sourcing. By offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and leveraging direct factory relationships, we ensure our products meet the highest standards while remaining accessible and reliable in the market.
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