Our History

Witness our evolution and growth, as we pave the way for a future built on innovation and excellence.

Our Evolutionary Journey

Since its inception in 2012, LANGRY has undergone significant growth and made remarkable strides in global markets. Honored as a high-tech enterprise in 2019 and recognized for excellence in 2020 and 2021, we have expanded our international presence, establishing numerous global agencies. Our dedication to innovation and sustainable advancement is further highlighted by the glowing reviews and positive feedback from clients worldwide. Actively shaping national and local technical standards and holding numerous patents, we have created over 70 models of non-destructive testing instruments through talent development and collaborations with academic and research institutions. This global recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Company Timeline

Trace our journey to success through the company timeline. Experience how we’ve evolved and overcome challenges to achieve our milestones and growth.

Inception and Expansion

Langry emerges in Zhongguancun, Beijing, focusing on product technology R&D. The completion of the first rebound hammer marks a pivotal moment as the company relocates to Jinan High-Tech Zone, laying the groundwork for future growth.


Product Diversification and Infrastructure Development

Langry launches its inaugural rebound hammer, garnering widespread acclaim. Expanding its portfolio, the company ventures into hydraulic and pull-out products while establishing its own production base, enhancing manufacturing capabilities.


Innovation and Product Expansion

Langry introduces electromagnetic ultrasonic products and completes precision machining construction. Notably, the successful development of an integrated rebar detector broadens its product line, now spanning seven major categories.


Advancements and Recognition

Langry independently develops over 20 equipment models, expanding its product line. It secures high-tech enterprise certification in Shangdong province, bolstering its reputation with more than 10 patents and entry into overseas markets.


Regulatory Contribution and Infrastructure Milestone

Langry contributes to national and local industry regulations, including the ultrasonic rebound method. The culmination of this evolution is the completion of its own industrial park and R&D center, underscoring its commitment to innovation and excellence.