Product Features

  • Integrated design of the main unit and sensor, compact size for convenient and quick use.

  • Utilizes high-power transmitting coils and multiple sets of small coils for higher accuracy and resolution.

  • Employs high-precision grating sensors for more accurate scanning displacement and rebar spacing.

  • Provides various scanning modes suitable for different measurement environments, including a standard scanning mode for point-to-point retesting to meet testing protocol requirements.

  • Supports large and small range detection, with a scanning distance of up to 65m, offering more flexible data detection.

  • Supports multiple rebar correction modes for more accurate test results.

  • Supports both USB wired and Bluetooth wireless data transmission for convenient data uploading.

  • Equipped with a 3.2-inch 65K color LCD display with higher resolution for better display effects. It also features a capacitive touchscreen for easier human-machine interaction.


  • BS 1881, Part 204

  • DGZfP B2

  • DIN 1045

  • SIA 262-1

  • SN 505262

  • SS 78-B4