Product Features

  • Stylish appearance with ergonomic design for easier long-term use.

  • Equipped with a touch-enabled full-color LCD screen for clear and easy interaction with the user interface.

  • Compact and flexible probe design, suitable for extreme testing locations.

  • Equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery with a detachable battery compartment for worry-free endurance.

  • Utilizes high-power solid-state transmission coils for superior anti-interference capability and higher detection accuracy.

  • The upgraded rebar correction function supports simultaneous correction of rebar spacing and diameter, improving the accuracy of measured protective layer thickness.

  • Professional upper computer software for intelligent analysis and automatic generation of testing reports.


  • BS 1881, Part 204

  • DGZfP B2

  • DIN 1045

  • SIA 262-1

  • SN 505262

  • SS 78-B4