Bluetooth printer

The Testing Anvil GZII enables precise calibration of rebound hammers for consistent and dependable measurements in structural integrity assessments. It is widely used in quality control, research laboratories, and manufacturing settings.

  • Digital concrete test Hammer with built-in Bluetooth chip, connected to a portable Bluetooth printer, can print out the original records and test results on site.

  • Available for extra purchase

User friendly upgrade design

  • Built-in bluetooth chip is connected to portable bluetooth printer and can print out the original records and test results in the field.

  • Equipped with high-power loudspeaker, on-site voice count more clearly, can also be normally used in noisy environment.

  • Removable large capacity lithium battery, super long standby, easy to maintain.

  • Upgrade dust-proof structure, easier maintenance, longer service life and more stable rebound value.