The sensor part of the rebound hammer has undergone revolutionary structural innovation, adopting a non-contact electromagnetic sensor. This greatly solves the accuracy of rebound data affected by various factors such as strong light and dust with traditional sensors, as well as the frequent maintenance issues of the rebound hammer, thereby improving the accuracy of testing and the service life of the rebound hammer.
  1. Utilizes electromagnetic sensor technology, free of load and contact, ensuring zero interference with rebound values and higher accuracy.
  2. Unaffected by strong light, dust, oil stains, etc., with maintenance-free electronic compartments and modular design for quick replacement and assembly.
  3. Built-in Bluetooth chip allows connection to portable Bluetooth printers for on-site printing of raw records and test results.
  4. Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery with low power consumption for longer battery life and energy efficiency.
  5. Built-in gyroscope automatically identifies the direction of impact, improving work efficiency.
  6. Equipped with online system software featuring cloud data import and various data export formats, optimizing user experience.