Product Features

  • Supports wireless connection with mobile phones, enabling real-time online testing and uploading of testing data to cloud platforms.

  • Professional upper computer software, capable of generating 3D models, intelligent analysis, and automatic generation of testing reports.

  • Equipped with a new high-precision sensor, with thickness display accuracy up to 0.1mm, supports multiple rebar and main rebar corrections, resulting in more accurate test results.

  • Plug-and-play battery compartment for quick replacement, equipped with dual batteries for longer endurance.

  • Full-view high-resolution color touch screen, with a large screen-to-body ratio, and various theme styles for better display effects.

  • Optimized rebar judgment algorithm under various scanning modes, improving the recognition ability of dense rebars, and providing more accurate thickness values for protective layers.

  • Supports testing modes for various complex conditions, including avoidance of rebar detection, concave surface detection, and convex surface detection.

  • Upgraded four-line laser positioning, real-time display of rebar positions and centerlines of adjacent rebars, multiple reminders such as aiming frame and indicator lights, facilitating rebar positioning and core drilling.


  • BS 1881, Part 204

  • DGZfP B2

  • DIN 1045

  • SIA 262-1

  • SN 505262

  • SS 78-B4