Digital Concrete Test Hammer RH225-B

The RH225-B Digital Rebound Hammer, meticulously developed by Langry Technology, is a practical patented product that fully complies with national regulations.

  • Automatic data recording and storage.

  • Built-in Bluetooth for on-site printing.

  • Utilizes electromagnetic sensor technology.

Applications :

Essential for structural engineering, construction, and quality control, the Langry RH225-B Digital Rebound Hammer provides accurate compressive strength measurements for ordinary concrete, ensuring compliance with industry standards and enhancing structural integrity assessments.
CTN DIM: 258×258×430mm
CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm
G.W.: 20.1kg

G.W.: 3.1kg

CTN DIM: 345×115×260mm

About The Product

Uncover our Digital Concrete Test Hammer RH225-B in detail. Each component is meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched performance and lasting durability.
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Product Specifications Overview

Technical indicators

Memory storage

1000 standard components

Screen size 

2.8" OLED screen 256*64 (dot matrix)

Battery Power

3.7V lithium battery, 3200 mAh

Standard impact energy
2.207 J

Elastic tension spring stiffness

785 ± 30 N/m

Stretch length of impact spring

75±0.3 mm

Calibration value on testing anvil


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Product Features

  • It adopts mobile phone keystroke technology and a seven-key design.

  • The product is characterized by better hand feeling, longer life, faster response, and easier to operate.

  • Built-in Bluetooth chip is connected to a portable Bluetooth printer and can print out the original records and test results in the field.


  • ГОСТ 22690

  • EN 12504-2

  • EN 13791


  • JCSE-G504

  • JGJ-T23

  • EN12504-2, EN13791

  • GOST 22690-2015

  • ACI 228.1R

  • ASTM C 805

  • ISO 1920-7

  • JIS A1155

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The sensor part of the rebound hammer has undergone revolutionary structural innovation, adopting a non-contact electromagnetic sensor. This greatly solves the accuracy of rebound data affected by various factors such as strong light and dust with traditional sensors, as well as the frequent maintenance issues of the rebound hammer, thereby improving the accuracy of testing and the service life of the rebound hammer.
  1. Utilizes electromagnetic sensor technology, free of load and contact, ensuring zero interference with rebound values and higher accuracy.
  2. Unaffected by strong light, dust, oil stains, etc., with maintenance-free electronic compartments and modular design for quick replacement and assembly.
  3. Built-in Bluetooth chip allows connection to portable Bluetooth printers for on-site printing of raw records and test results.
  4. Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery with low power consumption for longer battery life and energy efficiency.
  5. Built-in gyroscope automatically identifies the direction of impact, improving work efficiency.
  6. Equipped with online system software featuring cloud data import and various data export formats, optimizing user experience.
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Digital concrete test hammer

Hand protector silicone hand rest

A grinding stone

One maintenance kit

instrument case


Bluetooth printer- Accessories

  • Digital concrete test Hammer with built-in Bluetooth chip, connected to a portable Bluetooth printer, can print out the original records and test results on site.

  • Available for extra purchase

User friendly upgrade design

  • Built-in bluetooth chip is connected to portable bluetooth printer and can print out the original records and test results in the field.

  • Equipped with high-power loudspeaker, on-site voice count more clearly, can also be normally used in noisy environment.

  • Removable large capacity lithium battery, super long standby, easy to maintain.

  • Upgrade dust-proof structure, easier maintenance, longer service life and more stable rebound value.

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Download Materials

Unlock the full potential of our NDT solutions by downloading our innovative software and instruction materials today.
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Product Specifications Overview

Cylinder center hole
Cylinder stroke
Measurement range
Cylinder weight
Common anchorage
Pull rod


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Product Features

  • The thickened main body of high-strength steel with high-pressure resistance and no deformation

  • Precision machining of oil cylinders and one-way valves to maintain constant pressure without oil leakage

  • Memory for 500 data records, with dot matrix LCD illumination function

  • Zero tracking, peak hold, and automatic shutdown

  • Automatic data correction to improve instrument accuracy

  • Wide LCD display for easy data reading

  • Ultra-low power consumption design, with a continuous working time of over 200 hours

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Product Specifications Overview


Hydraulic cylinder stroke


Display mode

kN,MPa Can be set, adjustable

Measuring range




Peak hold


Data storage

More than 500

Accuracy grade




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Product Features

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The Langry Pull-off Tester LR-P10 offers comprehensive testing capabilities for various construction applications. Whether assessing the pull-off force of thermal insulation materials, bonding strength of wall insulation, or tapestry brick adhesion, this device delivers precise results. With an integrated design and customizable display options, including pressure measurement in kN or MPa, it ensures convenient operation and accurate readings. Equipped with peak hold functionality and ample data storage capacity, the LR-P10 is a reliable companion for construction professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their testing processes.
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